Even after the project’s end and the introduction of our production control system E-MES, we continue to be there for you. To ensure the efficient and smooth operation of E-MES, we offer various services:

  • Hotline & remote support
    E-MES specialists are available to you by telephone during regular business hours – depending on requirements, also around the clock. In case of questions regarding the application or in case of malfunctions in production, our specialists immediately start with the analysis to reduce possible downtimes to a minimum. For this purpose, our teams are individually trained on the respective customer systems.
  • Preventive maintenance
    To ensure a permanently stable condition of your E-MES system, our system experts analyze all important installation parameters regularly.
  • Update service
    Our developers are constantly working to make E-MES more robust, stable, and secure and implement new features. We advise our customers to update the latest E-MES version annually to benefit from these improvements. With our update service, we ensure that the latest E-MES version runs smoothly on your system – especially in case of customer-specific adaptations.
  • Test system
    To achieve higher operational reliability for release changes, software updates, or patches. The customer plant can set up a test environment for each E-MES installation. For this purpose, additional VMs are provided for each E-MES installation, which can be used for testing.



Our consulting team accompanies you on your journey to the Smart Factory.

Whether brownfield upgrade or greenfield: We show you different ways tailored to your requirements to achieve your goals – whether simple plant expansion or step by step to Industrie 4.0 plant.

Let our E-MES experts advise you on which customized solution best fits your challenges. Thanks to our great experience and modular system, we develop a solution that serves the needs of our customers.



Our in-house academy successfully transfers knowledge to customers, partners, and interested parties.

The ENISCO Academy teaches all the skills needed to effectively use our production control system E-MES as an Industry 4.0 standard in the Smart Factory.

  • Customized, individual course offerings, depending on the area and depth
  • Goal-oriented, use case-based training
  • Online, remote, or on-site training
  • Self-organized learning with our online course offering

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