Maintain the manufacturing firmly under control

In control of the production process at any time and place: ENISCO’s modular Manufacturing Execution System (E-MES) connects the factory horizontally, the entire manufacturing process, and vertically across all process levels. It offers integrated data acquisition, analysis and display, and end-to-end transparent production and logistics processes and provides the basis for mastering critical industrial challenges.

Our E-MES platform includes, on the one hand, the administrative area (see below) and, on the other hand, numerous apps that provide our customers with a high level of transparency. The following is a brief excerpt:

  • Alarming
    Central overview of all production-relevant values. The values are read directly from the respective sensors and displayed filterable. In case of limit and tolerance violations, which can be freely configured, warnings, fault messages, or errors are output.
    Example values: temperatures, energy consumption (gas, water, electricity, etc.), fault messages.
  • Trending
    Here, recorded (analog) data is displayed graphically, limit violations and the comparison with long-term data allow a thorough analysis of unwanted deviations.
  • 2D-Visualization
    Our 2D-Visualization is a key module in E-MES and displays the state of the plant and other valuable information in graphical form. With a click, you can easily navigate to other areas within E-MES to get more detailed information.

Our E-MES platform includes the administrative area and the basic MES functionalities. These include, e.g.:

  • User administration incl. authorization concept
  • Client management with customizable settings for each end device
  • Shift calendar
  • Diagnostic tool to be able to check the connections to the ERP, the connected databases, and the PLCs, among other things.
  • Variable app for commissioning. Variables in the PLCs can be adjusted
  • Task Scheduler to be able to set time-controlled events in the system, e.g., start the oven at 5 o’clock to heat up
  • Journal (logbook for user and computer interventions)

What sets us apart

  • Our E-MES is hardware-independent and works natively with all common controllers

  • E-MES integrates the proven industry standards (OPC-UA, MQTT, REST, etc.)

  • We thereby achieve very low latency in data communication

  • Our “Production Control System” (PCS) actively and highly flexibly controls the material flow through your production. By mouse click and drag & drop in real-time.

Our customers choose ENISCO because of our industry-specific experience, reliability, and commitment to customer success. Successful companies from various industries entrust their production and logistics processes to our E-MES.

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Central control instrument

When was which workpiece in which process step? What production conditions prevailed at a specific time? Where do we stand with the number of units of the defined performance indicator?

E-MES provides all critical information through individually configured production statistics to reconstruct production processes and make the right decisions.


Modular construction kit for your production

E-MES is based on a platform-independent modular principle. Customers can add additional function modules according to their needs. From simple operation and monitoring to planning and control functionalities, the E-MES portfolio offers customized solutions for every customer. The settings of the control system are always configured according to the specific requirements of the production.

Leading web technology

E-MES is a browser-based, operating system-independent system. It enables users to access all data from anywhere in the world at any time, independent of a client installation. Higher-level control, monitoring, and production optimization becomes possible via tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Employees on-site can manage the production and maintenance, as well as colleagues and managers from anywhere in the world.


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