Production Control System –

control highly automated production at the click of a mouse

Our Production Control System (PCS) takes over control in highly automated production plants where static work plans are not sufficient. This can be the case when plant layouts, material flows, or production processes change frequently, or complex repair or rework scenarios are the norms – and decisions have to be made about resource allocation at short notice accordingly.

With PCS, you configure the material flow through your plant at the click of a mouse, based on waiting times, groupings of similar products, defined selection criteria, or explicit rules.

Your added value:

  • You benefit from complete real-time visibility over your production process, with multiple monitoring apps that show you information from different angles.
  • You reduce lead times through automated occupancy optimization for critical resources.
  • Furthermore, you reduce manual intervention to a minimum through event-based, automated production control in line with lean production principles.
  • You retain manual intervention options in the event of unexpected events in your production.
  • You can adapt the system to any specific production process.