Monitor energy consumption, identify waste, and keep costs under control

Rising energy and raw material prices present companies with a unique challenge: More important than ever is the careful and cost-efficient use of all resources. Regarding energy consumption, the most important thing is obtaining real-time transparency on energy-hungry machines and systems. This is the only way to identify and eliminate inefficient consumption.

With ENISCO’s energy monitoring, you can collect the energy data of your plants at a central location, display it graphically and evaluate it with correlation analyses. In addition, with configurable alarm rules, you always have complete control to immediately detect and eliminate excessive consumption. The result: you optimize your energy costs permanently.

Your added value:

  • You get full transparency on your highest-consuming plants and are informed immediately if limit values are exceeded.
  • You can analyze potentially production-threatening situations in advance and initiate countermeasures immediately.
  • You have precise energy data for investment decisions to replace resource-intensive existing machinery and equipment.