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Release Update

Published: · Last updated: · 2 min Reading time

The new version 22.2 contains numerous new features and performance improvements. A particular focus was placed on both function and usability. We have briefly summarized the highlights here.

Extended database support

We are pleased to offer new versions of the databases. In addition, the JDBC drivers have been updated. Thus, our customers can now work even more securely and stably.

Fast error identification and correction

Commissioning engineers and plant operators must be able to rely on their systems. Therefore, having the proper diagnostic tools available is even more critical when something does not work as expected.

New diagnostic options have been created for these cases, and the previous diagnostic tools have expanded their functionality. This guarantees errors are easier to diagnose for all relevant persons and ensure fast support.

Real-Time information through the new messaging system

Furthermore, an improved messaging system has been implemented for certain tasks (in the so-called “Task Scheduler”). The plant operator is now explicitly informed with his own messages about failed tasks. This simplifies early diagnosis and thus avoids costs.

E-MES “Message Overview” Module

Targeted analysis of plant availability

A new, convenient evaluation method for plant availability is at your disposal. This is available in tabular form and includes extended filters that allow evaluation down to shift level.

Module E-MES “3D Visualization

Improved usability of our 3D visualization

The scope of the 3D visualization has been greatly expanded to support features such as multi-user editing of 3D scenes, parent-child linking of scenes, and server-side storage. Creating visualizations can now be done much more efficiently by multiple users. Extensive tasks on a scene can be distributed, which makes for faster editing.

Optimized performance of the “Automotive” module

The performance of the “Automotive” module, which is particularly used in car body production, has been improved. For this purpose, the database communication and the connections to the production plant have been optimized.

E-MES “Production Control System (PCS)” Module

Dynamic insertion of process steps

The job management, that can take over the complete intelligent control of a plant, has been significantly improved. The newly developed “Inserter” makes it possible to react dynamically to changing manufacturing situations and to automatically insert process steps into a production sequence. This is particularly advantageous in a highly flexible manufacturing environment and in the case of numerous variants.

Error-Free work for employees at the production plant

Furthermore, the self-checking function has been improved in many places, thus preventing incorrect entries and other invalid states. This reduces the workload for employees in the plant and thus ensures stress-free operation.

Simplified commissioning of the modules Highbay Warehouse Monitoring and Movement Tasks

Configuration tools have been created for the high-bay warehouse monitoring and movement task modules to simplify commissioning.


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