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E-MES Production Control System

Effective production management – anytime, anywhere.

ENISCO’s modular manufacturing execution system (E-MES) offers end-to-end support for factory operations – both horizontally, across the entire manufacturing process, and vertically from ERP to shop floor IT. Integrated data capture, analysis and visualization ensure complete transparency, forming the basis for digital factory solutions in line with Germany’s Industry 4.0 initiative.

E-MES benefits at a glance:

Maximum level
of transparency

Increased productivity

operating costs

Accelerated throughput


Future-proof and flexible web technology

E-MES is browser-based software that supports multiple operating systems. Users can access data at any time, anywhere in the world – no client software needs to be installed. On-site manufacturing staff and maintenance engineers, as well as other employees and decision-makers – near or far – can monitor and streamline production via tablets, smartphones or smartwatches.

Enabling better decision-making at every level

When did a particular component undergo a specific process? What production conditions were present at a given time? How high is current output, and how does it compare to our defined benchmark?

By means of user-defined key performance indicators, E-MES provides important information and insights – allowing users to critically review past manufacturing processes and make better decisions going forward.

Modularity enables E-MES to meet unique imperatives

E-MES’s modular, platform-independent design means functions can be combined to create a tailor-made solution, and further modules can be added when needs change. The E-MES portfolio offers customers made-to-measure answers to their needs, including powerful features for user-friendly operation, monitoring, management and planning. Each system is configured in accordance with the unique requirements of the customer’s production facilities.